Most beautiful mother daughter dresses

Matching dresses, pretty precious moments...

From gorgeous party dresses to everyday matching dresses. In either case, you'll experience pretty special moments with your little angel.

Find Your Mommy & me Pretty's, customize them exactly as you want and enjoy a happy mother-daughter moment together! Handmade with love, tailored to you wishes.

Mommy and Me dresses, because you're proud of her

You choose the dress not only for yourself, but also for your daughter. The special bond you have with your daughter (or son) is something to celebrate and to carry out to the world. So, take the time and make a special day even more special! You feel proud of her and she is of you. You love each other and twinning is a way to express this precious mother daughter love

So, enjoy the joy on her face when your daughter dresses herself with a big smile. She will love to be able to wear the same beautiful dress as her mommy. Because all she wants is to grow to be just like mommy!

Most mothers and daughters are similar -like mother, like daughter they say, but now there can now be no doubt about that. Moreover, noweveryone can see that you belong together!

Are you going to visit grandpa and grandma together? They too will enjoy seeing their daughter and granddaughter in their MOEDER DOCHTER JURKEN. And who knows, grandma may want to join the girls and play matchymatchy, too!

Also for a special dinner or for a tea together at her favorite cafe, our mommy and me dresses are ideal. Or how about a day of shopping, a visit to a museum or a family reunion? Wherever you go, you will be getting lots of compliments!

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